Coastal Carolina

Student & Faculty Golf Discounts

Golf Discounts for Coastal Carolina Students & Faculty

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For more information on the initiative, visit www.CCUPlaysGolf.com.

Myrtle Beach National Courses Golf Reviews

What a great course, fun layout, great risk reward holes. Conditions were immaculate, beautiful fairways, greens rolling perfect, enjoyed the challenges of the water holes and the challenging second shots into the par 5s. Great clubhouse with an awesome tribute to Arnie with a display of his clubs, some hand-written letters, photos etc. Will go down as one of the best courses I have ever played. Cart staff was awesome, friendly and full of knowledge. Can’t wait to come back next year

Our group’s favorite course. Great conditions, friendly staff

Loved playing here, shot my best round of the week and didn’t lose a ball on the gambler. Nice conditions

Favorite course of the week, great shape. played additional 9 on the West course and enjoyed that as well.